As the clock ticks toward the midnight hour, I find myself grateful for the journey we’ve shared and the beautiful souls who have colored my life. Let’s bid farewell to 2023 and stride into the new year with hearts wide open, minds brimming with curiosity, and spirits renewed. May this coming year be adorned with […]

Welcoming 2024 with Open Hearts and Brimming Minds

Wet Felting

Hey, my fellow crafting enthusiasts! I’ve got another inspiring tale to share – a journey of creativity, perseverance, and the magic of needle felting. Picture this: a group of spirited individuals diving headfirst into the world of wool and barbed needles to create a 12-piece Nativity scene. Yes, you heard right, an entire year dedicated […]

A journey of doubts, dreams, and creative triumphs

Needle Felting

Hey fellow crafting enthusiasts! Today, I’m bubbling with excitement to share a story that’s close to my heart – a tale woven, or maybe we should rather say felted, by Kim, Jean, Jeannie, MaryScott, and Shirley. These wonderful souls embarked on a needle-felting journey with me, some as far back as four years ago. Can […]

The heartwarming tales of a felting fellowship

Needle Felting