“Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.” ― Twyla Tharp. 


start where you are

You really want to try this thing that They call needle-felting but don't know where to start

You have no idea What type of fiber you need or where to find it

how and Where can YOu find inspiration?

You're trying to figure out what tools you need

You haven't even started and already feel overwhelmed

Does this sounds familiar to you?

Ready to bring your imagination to life through needle felting?

I get it! Starting a new thing can be overwhelming. I am here to help.

I can hear your "Yes!" miles away friend.

What is a good first project?

What type of tools are available, do I really need all that?

Needle Felting or Wet Felting...
What is the difference?

Just imagine if you had help to find your way, and tips and tricks at your fingertips...

How's this for relief?

Courses at every skill level

Each Course is Broken down in Modules

Library of Easy to follow How to sections

DisCounted 12 months membership With Dripped Release of Content

You will be learning online, and I will share with you everything I know. I will show you how I create things using the basic felting tools. You will have access to it all.

The E-Needle Felting Studio


Connect with creatives just like you! Ask questions, get feedback, and have fun in the needle-felting community!

The Community

Inclusion No.1

The Inclusions

Get instant access to all of our pre-recorded tips & tricks, and basic how-to lessons so that you can easily learn and find what you need, when you need it!

The tips & tricks  library

Inclusion No.2

Discover a wealth of ideas and inspirations that will propel you forward on your remarkable needle felting journey. Embrace a sense of empowerment as you capture these creative sparks, while receiving guidance to bring your masterpieces to life.

Blog Collection

Inclusion No.3

and use your



How to get

-Words inspired by my students-

"In the careful dance between wool and needle, we can find a therapeutic sanctuary, where creativity mends the spirit and our hand's work becomes a form of soulful restoration."

Learn the basic steps to follow when needle felting and building the core structure of your creation.

Basic Needle Felting

Learn about essential tips to help caring for and storing your materials and tools.

Care & Storage

There is an extensive variety of fibers available. What essentials do you require to begin?

Animal & Plant Fibers

Yes, indeed! There exists a wide range of felting needles and tools to choose from.

Needle and Tools

to help you kickstart your needle-felting journey!

Just a few topics that we will cover

Fabulous instructor. She is very helpful and supportive. She gives you everything you need to complete your project with success.

— Sarah B. 

Can I share the class with another person?

It is difficult for me to keep track of everyone signing into the E-Felting-Studio, so I can't really stop you from sharing your log-in information, but keep in mind that this is my income , this is how I support my family. 

However, just reach out and ask. Explain your situation... If you have a special event planned or a fundraiser, I am sure we can work something out.

If you purchased the class you can access it as long as this website exits. Forever is a long time, no promises there... 

The easiest classes are the ball-ornament classes and those will give you a great start in your needle felting adventure, but still be challenging enough for creatives who have needle felted before. 

How long do I have access to the class/es I purchased? 

How do I know if a Class is a good one to get started with?

Yes, you can purchase the kit separately on the shop site. Often we have special deals going on where you can purchase the kit and receive the class for free. Be sure to check out those special offerings. 

Can I buy a kit that goes along with the Class?

Go to the E-Felting-Studio and make sure to sign in, or set up your account. Once you are signed in you should see all of the classes you are enrolled in. From there you just click on the class you want to see. Happy felting!

Where do I take the online Class?

don't worry, we have the answers!

You might have some questions

But what do I know about needle-felting?

I'm Annette, a fiber artist who brings her imagination to life through intricate creations of needle-felted art pieces like ball ornaments, lifelike animals, and other figures. I have been working with fiber for over 35 years, first in doll-making and later wet- and needle-felting.

Not only am I an artist, but I'm also a teacher, eager to share my techniques and knowledge with fellow enthusiasts. Whether through online classes or in-person workshops, I guide my students through the mesmerizing process of sculpting and shaping wool fibers, empowering them to unlock their own creative potential.

Step into my world, where needle felting with wool and other exotic fibers is my passion and artistic expression.