By Annette Ringeisen

The heartwarming tales of a felting fellowship

Needle Felting

Bloom Farm 

December 14, 2023

Hey fellow crafting enthusiasts!

Today, I’m bubbling with excitement to share a story that’s close to my heart – a tale woven, or maybe we should rather say felted, by Kim, Jean, Jeannie, MaryScott, and Shirley. These wonderful souls embarked on a needle-felting journey with me, some as far back as four years ago. Can you believe it? Time flies when you’re having fun with fiber and barbed needles!

Fast forward to the present, and not only have they become seasoned needle felters, but they’ve also mastered the art of spreading festive cheer with their “Twelve Days of Christmas” this year. I can’t help but feel a burst of pride and warmth witnessing their creative journeys unfold.

Our bond goes beyond the craft table; we’ve become a tight-knit family of friends, united by the shared love for needle felting. Their passion mirrors mine, and together, we’ve turned crafting into a delightful symphony that resonates with joy. These ladies make my heart sing, and I’m endlessly grateful for each of them.

Now, as we wrap up this creative year, I’m already looking forward to our next needle-felting adventure. Get ready, because next year, we’re gearing up to “Face the Seasons” together. Who knows what whimsical wonders await us?

And now, a heartfelt ending to the crafting chapter of 2023:

To Kim, Jean, Jeannie, MaryScott, and Shirley – you’re not just my students; you’re my friends and fellow adventurers in this creative felting odyssey. Thank you for infusing our crafting haven with laughter, inspiration, and endless creativity. Here’s to many more years of (heart)-felt-ed joy!

To you, who in your creative circle adds a special spark to your crafting journey? Share your stories and celebrate the creative bonds that make our crafting adventures truly magical.

Cheers to Friendship, Fiber, and Fun,


May your needles be sharp, your fibers be abundant, and your creativity boundless.

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  1. Jean Kuchta says:

    We all talked about the bittersweet feeling when a year long class ends with a beautiful creation, but also the end of such a wonderful class! I’m excited to see what January brings when this great group meets again (plus more) to start a new adventure! Thanks Annette ❤

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