Embarking on a needle-felting adventure is an exciting journey into the world of creative expression and tactile artistry. If you’re new to this craft, you might find yourself wondering about the essential tools and techniques to get started. Fear not! In this guide, I’ll share my preferences and recommendations based on years of teaching and […]

Simplifying Needle Felting: Essential Tools and Tips for Beginners

Needle Felting

Unraveling the Tale of Long and Short Fibers in Needle Felting Hey there, wool enthusiasts! Time truly flies when you’re knee-deep in fluff and creativity. It also provides time to think and reflect on topics that are of interest to everyone who loves the fiber arts. Let’s dive into a topic that has been on […]

Woolly Tales: From Elegance to Texture

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As the clock ticks toward the midnight hour, I find myself grateful for the journey we’ve shared and the beautiful souls who have colored my life. Let’s bid farewell to 2023 and stride into the new year with hearts wide open, minds brimming with curiosity, and spirits renewed. May this coming year be adorned with […]

Welcoming 2024 with Open Hearts and Brimming Minds

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A Fairy Tale Journey to Needle Felting Wonderland Hey Crafty Dreamers, Get ready to dive into a whimsical world where wool transforms into wonders, and the art of needle felting is born. Today, I’m spinning (no, felting) a tale that takes us back to the ’80s, when the Stanwoods adapted an industrial felting tool into […]

Step into the ’80s and discover the birth of crafting enchantment.

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Hey, my fellow crafting enthusiasts! I’ve got another inspiring tale to share – a journey of creativity, perseverance, and the magic of needle felting. Picture this: a group of spirited individuals diving headfirst into the world of wool and barbed needles to create a 12-piece Nativity scene. Yes, you heard right, an entire year dedicated […]

A journey of doubts, dreams, and creative triumphs

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Since our relocation to Chowan County in North Carolina, I’ve enthusiastically embraced the tradition of entering my needle-felted creations into the county fair exhibit competition. It’s become a thrilling annual ritual, filled with the excitement of showcasing my work alongside the talents of others. Before our move here, I’d never considered competing in such events, […]

The thrill at the county fair

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Ah, the captivating world of needle felting, where fluffy wool turns into whimsical wonders with just a poke here and a prod there. It’s a creative journey that can take you to realms of imagination, but just like any adventure, it’s essential to pack your safety gear before you embark. Let’s delve into some health […]

Safety First: Health Considerations Before Needle Felting Adventures

Needle Felting

Fiber Art is a captivating way of transforming wool fibers into intricate and beautiful creations. To ensure your wool fibers remain in optimal condition for your next fiber project, proper storage is essential. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best practices for storing wool fibers to maintain their quality and maximize your creative potential. […]

The Art of Storing Wool Fibers

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